Empower your Enterprise

For over a decade, PowerE2E has provided China's largest retailers and their suppliers with services.

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Leading B2B Retail Trade in China

Our Procure-to-pay B2B retail platform transacts over ten billion USD in volume every year - more than any of our competitors.

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Supporting Open Standards

Officially certified by the ECR, PowerE2E supports GS1, EDIFACT, ebXML, Rosettanet, AS2 and GDSN in China

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Extended Supply Chain

Extended supply-chain management takes a holistic view of your supply-chain and helps you optimize it with your trading-partners.

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Thought-leaders in FMCG

100% of the top-100 Fast-moving Consumer Goods Companies supplying to the modern trade in China work with PowerE2E every day. 

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Proven Cloud Solutions

PowerE2E cloud-hosted solutions let your company turn cost-centers into revenue generators. Retailers can refocus on your core-business and reduce cost of operations.

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Our Clients

Over 20,000 companies trust us with their data every day, for good reasons. We are proud to serve some of the most famous brands in China.

Serving your Industry for over a decade

PowerE2E offers products and services to increase supply chain efficiency for our clients - across different markets and disciplines.

Since 2001, PowerE2E has been providing software-as-a-service in the supply-chain management and electronic integration solutions space.

100% of the top-100 FMCG suppliers actively work with us to bring down the cost of doing business in China. Find out why. 

Facing increasing transportation, warehousing and labor-costs, 3PL and logistics companies in China are under constant pressure to improve their margins. Let us show you how.

As costs of healthcare are rising rapidly, hospitals and clinics are under pressure to find ways to mitigate these increased costs. Learn how PowerE2E can help.

Increase inventory turns, improve ratios, decrease operational costs - all impacting the bottom line. See how we can help. 


Our proven project approach and expert team has made PowerE2E the no. 1 in China for supply-chain integration. We work seamlessly with your existing team and systems. 

Solutions to Empower your organization

Procure-to-Pay Platform

Your order-to-cash process can be fully automated with the PowerE2E e-procurement platform. Adopt our proven best-practices order-management with your suppliers today. 

EDI Integration

EDI fully integrates your trading-partners into your backend system. Save time, money and improve your service-levels. And your CSR-team will thank you for it!

eCatalog & GDS Service

Manage your item information according to international standards. 


extended Supply Chain management (eSCM) integrates your business partners up and down your supply-chain, integrating seamlessly into any ERP system. 

Transportation Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into you fleet, drivers, carriers and other supply-chain partners.


Cold-chain Monitoring

A solution for full-service monitoring of your temperature-sensitive trucks and warehouse-locations. Learn why clients such as Unilever Walls use PowerE2E。

PowerE2E - Supply Chain Collaboration

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